Why choose a Gold IRA?

The Gold IRA rollover is a tax-free and penalty-free event. There are gold IRA rules and gold ROTH IRA rules to keep in mind. Gold ownership will provide three benefits regardless of whether it is an IRA or cash purchase.

The three benefits are:

  1. A hedge against inflation
  2. Protection of wealth and purchasing power
  3. Profits and growth.

An IRA is an Individual Retirement Account, which is basically a retirement fund that combines savings and investments with tax advantages. IRAs are an ideal way to save money for retirement and secure your financial future.

Depending on the type of Self-directed IRA or 401K you choose to open, you may be able to use funds from your existing IRA or 401K, 403B or pension plan to make investments to further secure your financial future. One such investment that has been popular for years is gold and other precious metals.

Gold has been a stable investment for centuries [1] and is the most popular investment of all precious metals. It makes for a good long-term investment because it is multifunctional in a variety of industries and highly valued as a prized possession. Gold is often purchased as a safe investment and harbor against economic or political currency crises. Fiat currency is all currency that is currently used in the world that is derived by a government authority, such as paper money. Unlike paper money, the purchasing power of gold is not readily affected by inflation because it is mostly measured by its intrinsic value.

Because of the security of gold investments, many individuals choose to use funds from their IRAs to purchase gold products, keep these products in a depository as part of their IRA, and enjoy retirement watching the value of their gold purchases grow. This is a gold backed IRA, a retirement account in which some or all of the funds from that account have been used to purchase solid gold, and other precious metals, in order to better secure the account holders financial future.

Having these safety nets in place, especially in our uncertain economic times, is essential for all and should be a priority for any person. When it comes to retirement plans, a gold IRA is an important way to diversify your investment. Considering the fact that an IRA or 401(k) retirement plan is a tax advantaged account which, essentially, can only invest in or hold assets, it is even more unfortunate that the vast majority of individual owners of IRA accounts are often not aware of what IRS approved assets can be added to them. This lack of knowledge leads to poor investment performance and, tragically, inadequate wealth during ones retirement years.


There is no real value in money, or currency. It is only a medium of exchange. It is imprudent to think that your currency is going to maintain its value, or purchasing power. The fact is that during the past 100 years, since our present currency was created by the Federal Reserve, the US dollar has lost over 96% of its purchasing power [2].

Our currency fails miserably as a store of value mainly due to manipulation. There is too much currency, and new currency is being printed all the time. Presently over 1 Trillion of new dollars are created out of thin air and added to our current money supply each year.

Whenever a new dollar is added, then the value, or purchasing power of the dollar goes down. You might have the same number of dollars in your pocket, but they cannot buy you the same amount of goods they once could. This trend will continue as long as new money is printed.

Gold is a medium of exchange and an effective time-tested storage of value.

As the US dollars value decreases, it takes more dollars to buy the same amount of gold. Gold, which cannot be printed, is real money, and allows the holder to maintain and grow purchasing power and not lose it to currency manipulation.


Here is Why You Need To Have Gold In Your IRA

Superior Performance: Gold has proven over time to deliver significantly better capital appreciation than typical IRA investment

No Manipulation: Gold is outside of all government currency system and therefore outside of currency manipulation.

Certainty: Your gold will absolutely be there, with value, when you need it

Intrinsic Value: Unlike all other investments, gold cannot go to zero ever.


How To Get A Gold Backed IRA Account

The process of obtaining a gold backed IRA is quite simple. If you do not already have one, open a self-directed IRA account under a custodian that allows precious metal investments. You can contact a precious metals dealership, such as My Private Bullion, who will either refer you to a trusted administrator or deal with an approved IRA custodian for you and allow you to purchase gold products stress-free. Traditional IRA managers do not offer gold backed IRA options for individuals, so finding a self-directed IRA administrator is necessary.

After choosing a custodian and dealer to work with, you can begin purchasing the gold products, which range from collectible coins to numismatics to bullion. Bullion is based on intrinsic value, meaning its value is based on its weight. Bullion includes the typically perceived gold bars and coins. Collectible coins are mostly from foreign countries and are highly valued due to the dissolution of production.

These are non-reportable and prices vary based on the price of gold in the current market. Numismatic coins are coins that are valued based not only on their gold content, but numismatic premium as well. Numismatic premium is the value of a coin based on its rarity, beauty, and craftsmanship. Numismatic coins are also non-reportable and investments in numismatic coins can result in significant profits over time. My Private Bullion offers easy access to all of these gold products while maintaining a private and secure financial relationship with clients such as yourself. Be sure to browse the gold products we offer for your investing decisions.

After deciding on which gold products you would like to purchase with your IRA funds, you must liquidate the assets that you will be using to purchase the gold and wire them to your gold dealer, who will then contact your current self-directed IRS custodian to begin the transfer of liquidated assets for your gold investments. My Private Bullion connects you to an Insured, tangible & secure financial asset through a variety of precious metal options for you to choose from..

Your newly purchased gold products will then be moved to a secure and insured depository for safekeeping. Depositories are regulated, facilities that store your gold purchases for an annual fee. IRS regulations prevent you from taking personal possession of IRA owned gold investments before the age of 59.5 . Gold backed IRAs allow for a secure financial future and give you peace of mind by letting you enjoy your retirement while your investment grows, and My Private Bullion can help you get there.

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