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Rhodium is a silver-white metallic element, is highly resistant to corrosion, and is extremely reflective.

It is used as a finish for jewelry, mirrors, and search lights. Rhodium is also alloyed with platinum to make reinforcement fiber for the high-tech glass on consumer electronics, and used as a catalyst to make certain chemicals.


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260% growth in 6 months!

Rhodium - mainly used in autocatalysts and five times more costly than gold - surged 31% already this month. Stricter emissions rules have fueled a multiyear rally and there’s speculation that investors are also jumping in, betting that prices will climb toward a record.

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Our clients joined at $2,000

My Private Bullion gave a recommendation to our clients in 2018 to purchase Rhodium. The growth from $2,000 to $9,500 makes Rhodium one of the most profitable metal investments of the year.

Most of the recent buying of rhodium has come from the automotive sector, but companies in other industrial sectors were also picking up metals.


5 oz Rhodium Baird & Co. Bar

Finding rhodium bullion bars made by respected refiners and mints has been a rarity in the bullion market. The renowned British bullion manufacturer, Baird & Co., helped change that situation with these 5 oz rhodium bars. Minted in the UK using fine .999 rhodium bullion, these rhodium ingots make one of the rarest precious metals available to you in a familiar 5 oz bullion bar format.


Baird & Co. was established as a firm in 1967 dealing in numismatic gold coins of the world. They later moved towards high volume bullion dealing as government restrictions eased in the early 1970s. By 1975, Baird & Co. was actively ‘making a market’ quoting both bullion buy and sell prices for banks, retail and wholesale jewelers, stockbrokers, coin dealers, and other large volume bullion traders. During the 1970s bull market, Baird & Co. become one of the United Kingdom’s leading bullion trading houses.

1 oz Rhodium Tuvalu South Sea Dragon Coin

First mintage of only 1,000 coins!

Baird & Co., Britain’s only gold refinery has launched the world's first legal tender coin made of rhodium: the Tuvaluan $100 Coin. The coins are legal tender in the South Pacific island of Tuvalu, a member of the Commonwealth which became independent from Britain in 1978.

The coin won’t scratch or tarnish as rhodium is one of the most resistant metals on earth!


Growth of Vehicle Use

Rhodium used within catalytic converters triggers platinum and palladium to reduce some of the most of harmful chemicals - catalyze the oxidation of hydrocarbons. Fighting pollution becomes important with tightening the pollution laws, more cars and more rhodium is needed.

Record Rhodium Prices Drive Rise in Catalytic Converter Thefts

My Private Bullion News
March 23, 2020

Since 1975, almost all gasoline cars and trucks sold in the United States have catalytic converters installed between the engine and muffler. Catalytic converters scrub the worst toxic pollutants from the car’s exhaust.

Data from the Seattle police show only eight recorded thefts in 2018 and 13 in 2019. In 2020, thefts jumped to 738. This year, as of Jan. 26, the Seattle police have recorded 123 thefts, on pace to double last year’s thefts. These thefts aren’t just isolated to the Northwest though, in fact all states have reported increases in these catalytic converter thefts. Ask around and you are guaranteed to find someone who has been affected by one of these metal marauders.

But why are they so valuable to thieves? Stricter car emissions rules around the world — particularly in China, which has scrambled in recent years to get its dire air pollution problem under control — have sent demand for the precious metals in catalytic converters surging. That has pushed up the asking price for some of the precious metals used in the device — like palladium and rhodium — to record highs.


From about $500 an ounce five years ago, the price of palladium quintupled to hit a record of $2,875 an ounce last year, and is now hovering between $2,000 and

$2,500 an ounce, above the price of gold. Rhodium prices have skyrocketed more than 3,000 percent from about $640 an ounce five years ago to a record

$28,250 an ounce on Mar. 8. That makes rhodium over 16 times more valuable than gold.

With 80% of Rhodium demand being driven by the auto industry and demand for new cars continuing to rise every year, Rhodium prices are expected to continue to rise.

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