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Roman Denarius

This Silver Denarius was struck during the reign of the Emperor Augustus (27 BC – 14 AD).


Coin Highlights:

  • AR Denarius: This Silver coin is from the reign of Augustus (ca 27 BC-14 AD), 3.8 grams.
  • Graded Extra Fine and authenticated by NGC to protect your investment.
  • Strike: 5/5, Surface: 3/5. Lugdunum Mint
  • Obverse: Laureate head of Augustus.
  • Reverse: Portraits of Gaius and Lucius Caesar.


Product Specifications
Year: 27 BC to 14 AD Purity: N/A
Grade: N/A Manufacturer: N/A
Grade Service NGC Thickness: N/A
Denomination: Denarius Diameter: N/A
Mint Mark: N/A Inner Pack: N/A
Metal Content: 0.12 troy oz Outer Pack: N/A