Pandemic direct affect on US and Global economy.

Pandemic direct affect on the US and global economy.
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March 23, 2020
President Trump’s assistance package is stuck in congress with the political barbarians. The news today provokes price fluctuation of gold. In the New York Com ex Gold closed at $1552.20 and the World spot price is up $66.00 at 5pm Pacific time.
This amount of stimulus has never before been seen in the United States of America. The fed is talking unlimited amount of QE, stocks, ETF’s, treasuries and everything in between. The stimulus will eventually make the USD collapse to the value of toilet paper.
As the world wakes up to this trillion dollar stimulus we will start seeing collapsing
currencies, and a multi year gold rally that will last through the recession/ depression for
2-3 years. This rally starts right now at $1550 in a mild Coronavirus scenario with only 3% of deaths. The price of gold will reach $2,000 by the end of the year in this scenario this is rather conservative. Once these things start they have a tendency to last much longer than all economic predictions. It happened during The Great Depression in 1933, it happened again in 2008 and is happening again NOW.
There is not any easy way out of this recession/ depression of the global economy. Each country and continents will fight for a share of the broken supply chain with very few being able to be where they were just a month ago. This is like the whole world is going into war. The invisible enemy is killing us and destroying our economy, our society, our lifestyles, and forces us into quarantine; typical of dictatorship and communist totalitarian regime.
In the land of the free and the home of the brave we become slaves of a Chinese flu virus that is killing our children, our elderly, disrupting the economy as a whole. And how do we fight this? By printing money for all? This printing money is not going to save any lives, but more likely create more risk and more death. We should dissolve the Fed and allow us the people to get a hold of the gold at Fort Knox in Texas!!!
Do we save the people and ruin the economy, or save the economy and risk the people? It seems the Government is focusing on the economy. This outcome will definitely affect the election and could be devastating for president Trump. If the death count is higher in the USA than other countries it will show negligence. Isolating half of the country rather than the entire US is dangerous and may prove an exercise in futility.
As the virus constantly mutates and becomes more deadly it takes 1 year to make a vaccine, science is too slow. Some people believe that the Chinese military planted the virus, while the Chinese are blaming the US military and now we are in a propaganda war.
1 oz Gold Austrian 100 Corona
The Austrian 100 Corona gold coin was one of the most popular bullion choices in the 1970’s prior to the approach of the present day bullion time.
The original Austrian 100 Corona gold coin was issued to honor the 60th anniversary of the reign of Franz Joseph I and was minted between 1908 and 1914. The reverse side of this coin shows the Austrian Coat of Arms, a double eagle with crown.
The edge of the Austrian 100 Corona is set-inwards with the term Vnitis Viribvs the personal motto of Emperor Franz Joseph I meaning “With United Forces”.
Today’s Austrian 100 Corona gold coins have a comparative look however are dated 1915. These cutting edge re-strikes are delivered by the Austrian Mint.
20 Swiss Francs Helvetia BU
The Swiss 20 Franc Helvetia is one of the classic smaller gold bullion coins with a rich history dating back more than 100 years. This Swiss 20 Franc Helvetia gold coin is legal tender minted by the Swiss National Mint in Bern, Switzerland. It has stood for Swiss independence, sovereignty, fiscal strength and a real gold-backed currency.
Swiss Gold 20 Francs are enjoyed throughout Europe as a collector’s coin due to their representation of history, having been minted starting in the late 19th century. These fractional Gold coins are attractive to look at with a distinctive design.

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