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My Private Bullion (MPB) is the industry leader in seamlessly adding physical gold, silver platinum, palladium into your IRA or other retirement accounts, tax free and penalty free. We specialize in providing clients with superior strategies to protect their wealth and their retirement plans with a gold IRA and precious metals ownership.

We are fully committed to educating clients about and providing clients with all aspects of wealth management and asset protection through our individually tailored solutions based in your needs, your goals and your objectives. Individual service, asset protection strategies and wealth management solutions are the foundation of our business.


Mission Statement

Our main goal is to educate and empower our clients to achieve financial prosperity and long term peace of mind for their families and their businesses by providing individually tailored investment strategies designed to grow and protect your wealth.

We help our clients make the best possible decision about their retirement accounts based on a number of factors, including but not limited to: age, liquidity, diversification, market condition, world economics, and socioeconomic problems. The three types of gold: Bullion, Collectible and Numismatic. We also teach our clients how to minimize taxation at the time of distribution.

Privacy and transparency in this operation are our main concern. We are the only company that will provide you with a full invoice, including description of the coins and pricing, before receiving a single penny from your gold IRA custodian.

Our other main focus is to show and educate our clients how to profit within the gold industry. We help you every step of the process from beginning to end.

Our Core Principles

  • Protect our client’s privacy our straightforward and competent advice is individually tailored to each client, and it’s based on your individual goals and objectives. At MPB there are no cookie cutter recommendations.
  • Individual service, asset protection strategies and wealth management solutions are the foundation of our business.
  • Our commitment, first and foremost, is to our client. Our promise is to first, understand your personal goals and objectives, then, educate you as to what is possible, and last provide you with individual solutions.

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