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A Great Opportunity to Stack Up on Gold


Jim Rickards contact “Goldfinger,” a gold industry insider, first clued us into an important gold flow reversal happening. You might recall their live broadcast. In the months just before that meeting in Zurich with Goldfinger, over 170 tons of gold flowed back into London. Instead of coming out of London, into Switzerland, and then heading..

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Which Presidential Candidate is better for Gold?


“The financial market is disintegrating , there is a baseless enthusiasm generated from unfounded liquidity policies that will be our downfall.” – Alex Viera. Interviewer: Mr. Viera, Which candidate do you believe will have the best effect on your gold investments? Why? Mr.Viera: I believe if #Hilary were elected it would cause a spike in..

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Do You Really Know How Your 401K/IRA is Doing?


Obama’s last stand as president has him pushing for justice among retirees who are getting swindled by brokers, too bad his bill will never make it through the houses chopping block. This Thursday the bill to “force brokers to keep their clients best interests in mind” was shot down by 234 representatives and supported by..

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Panic in the Street – the Story of Stolen Wealth


We are entering panic mood month, known as Octoberphobia. Credit Suisse’s Global Risk Appetite index reached “panic” levels for the first time since January 2012. Stocks are going down. Why? Why are the markets not performing? On the one hand, the U.S. Federal Reserve desperately wants to raise interest rates to show that there’s been..

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Bank of America Says: Markets Are in a ‘Twilight Zone’ and It’s Time to Hold More Cash and Gold


In a note sent out this morning, Bank of America Merrill Lynch has a warning for investors: Investors remain trapped in “The Twilight Zone”, the transition period between the end of QE and the first rate hike by the Fed, the start of policy normalization…until (a) the US economy is unambiguously robust enough to allow the Fed..

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