Best Way to Buy Gold in an IRA

Hi, I’m Tom Kelly from My Private Bullion.
and here at MPB we pride ourselves at being a better gold company.
Better how?
By making our clients more profits than the other gold companies.
Any company could sell you gold, but that’s all they do is sell you gold.
Smart money knows you have to have a plan and a strategy in place before you make any investment.
And that’s what we do for each and every single client we have here at MPB.
We call it the My Private Bullion method for success.
Here’s how it works.
Back in two thousand ten our research department recommended a set of silver coins for our clients.
It was beautiful, five ounces of silver coins.
The first five coins in the America the beautiful series.
We said to get these coins because we figured they’ve been going up and down higher and faster than regular silver.
And fortunately we’ve been proven correct.
Today, a set of these coins is going for about nineteen hundred dollars.
In fact, clients who choose to have them graded are enjoying additional newmismatic value and those coins are about thirty four hundred dollars.
So think about it, six hundred fifty dollars up to nineteen hundred dollars up to thirty four hundred dollars that’s a five hundred percent return in under three years.
Are you getting these kind of returns with your investments, precious metals or otherwise?
Would you like to get these kind of returns on your investments?
Well if so, give us a call.
Our highly trained representatives our standing by to talk to you.
310 912 3450
Thank you and have a great day.

“We make our clients more profits than the other gold companies. That’s what we do for every single client here at MPB. We help make up to 300% returns in under three years. Are you getting these kinds of returns with your investments? Give us a call.”

— Tom Kelly, Senior Account Executive MPB