Which Presidential Candidate is better for Gold?

“The financial market is disintegrating , there is a baseless enthusiasm generated from unfounded liquidity policies that will be our downfall.” – Alex Viera.

Interviewer: Mr. Viera, Which candidate do you believe will have the best effect on your gold investments? Why?

Mr.Viera: I believe if #Hilary were elected it would cause a spike in the sale of gold and an interest in more solid investments. Hilary has a history of an unbalanced state department, and when the U.S. loses faith in the government institutions, they gain faith in tangible commodities like gold.

Interviewer: What does this mean for your 401k or IRA?

Mr. Viera:

At the moment many Americans are seeing their retirement investment quickly declining.I believe that the lack of trust in the government institutions and handling of the existing crisis forces us to look at more secure options such as gold.

Interviewer: Views on Trump vs. Gold?

Mr.Viera: Trump will spend on infrastructure and stimulus spending will be out of control, he’s a real estate developer so he knows how to spend money. This money printing will create high gold prices, and create big deficits.

Interviewer: Do you think Trump has a #GoldIRA?

Mr.Viera: (Laughs) I would assume he keeps bars of gold in his house under his mattress!

Interviewer: Sen. Bernie Sanders effect on Gold?

Mr.Viera: It’s hard to say, Sanders most likely will follow the trend of other democrats and increase spending. The increase in taxes will probably change the rate on which we spend as consumers perhaps creating more balance in the price of gold.

Interviewer: Any closing statements on the election?

Mr.Viera: I’d choose the lesser of the two evils, although it’s unfortunate it’s come to this election after election. People have lost faith in the system and the money system in place doesn’t represent us anymore…

This conversation is an excerpt from an interview on the 2016 presidential elections with Mr. Alex Viera.